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My name is Mikael Westerlund and I am the owner of NordWest Entreprenad AB. Before the financial crisis hit us in 2008, I worked in the construction sector as a carpenter and roofer. When the financial crisis ended, it was hard to find a job. That's when I decided to make my dream of starting my own business a reality.
In 2009 I opened Micke's Tak & Bygg. I took on smaller construction jobs for private customers, but my main job was to assemble windows for a large window supplier in Sweden. It was after I got an assignment where I was involved in assembling interiors at Levi's Emporia that I fell for retail. The stress and time pressure, the fact that this particular date the store have to be READY, that is what drives and motivates me!
I worked a few more years with window installation and occasional store construction and during that time managed to build up a customer base with returning customers. When I had operated Micke's Tak & Bygg for 5 years, I almost exclusively ran projects in the retail sector and decided to change the company name to NordWest Entreprenad AB. Today we are 10 employees and we have had time to build many stores but also to disassemble stores and be responsible for roll-outs for various different chains.
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